On Demand Fare Focuses on LGBTs


The Cable & Telecommunications
Association for Marketing’s Advanced Cable
Solutions Consortium will highlight on-demand
programming targeting the lesbian, gay, bisexual
and transgender community throughout
May and June.

The consortium’s Diversity On Demand initiative
will highlight LGBT Pride Month with such
cable-network programming as HBO’s Sex and
the City
and movies like Brokeback Mountain
and Milk, CTAM CEO Char Beales said.

“We’re looking to build awareness about the
variety of TV shows and movies available to customers
on cable on-demand both about, and for,
diverse and potentially underserved audiences,
such as the LGBT community,” Beales said. “There’s a significant body of work that is either about LGBT or of interest
to LGBT people, so getting the word out about such content
makes sense.”

LGBT viewers are among the most active video-on-demand
users, with 19% of the demographic’s respondents saying that
they regularly pay to watch VOD or pay-per-view programming,
compared to only 12% of the general U.S. online adult
population, according to a 2011 Forrester Research survey.

On-demand programming offered during the initiative
include documentaries such as HBO’s The Strange History of
Don’t Ask
, Don’t Tell, as well as such movies as Chely Wright —
Wish Me Away
, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Milk, Brokeback
and The Kids Are Alright; and cable series such as
HBO’s Sex and the City and The Wire.

“Thanks to the cable-television industry’s
Diversity On Demand initiative,
millions of Americans will be able
to watch popular stories about lesbian,
gay, bisexual and transgender people
that both entertain and spotlight the
common ground that we all share,” Gay
& Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
president Herndon Graddick said
in a statement. “Critics and audiences
alike have already applauded many of
these titles and now many more LGBT
Americans and their families around
the country will be able to do the same
as part of this year’s Pride celebrations.”

The effort is part of cable’s Diversity
On Demand initiative promoting the industry’s on-going
support and commitment to multiculturalism. The initiative
has partnered with cable networks and studios to offer on demand
programming related to Black History Month and Hispanic
Heritage Month.

CTAM’s Black History Month promotion generated 40 million
earned media impressions this past February, Beales said,
and additional 10 million social media impressions through a
dedicated Diversity On Demand Facebook page.

CTAM in July will look to highlight political-themed on demand
programming featuring content that focuses on politicians
of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds, such as the Eddie
Murphy starrer The Distinguished Gentleman, CTAM director
of communications and media relations Jason King said.