Demand Progress Seeks Donations to 'Fire' FCC's Pai

Says it wants to 'kick' chairman out of FCC

Demand Progress is using the expected Senate confirmation vote on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai this week or early next to raise money for an effort to block it.

In an e-mail to supporters Wednesday (Sept. 27), the group, which opposes Pai's renomination in part because of his plan to roll back Title II, cited that rollback and said they needed a grass roots "backlash" to block him.

Cantwell Speaks Out Against Pai Renomination

The chairman can serve until the end of this year, but would have to exit then without renomination.

"Will you chip in $5 to help our all-out effort to kick Ajit Pai out of the FCC?," Demand Progress asks, clearly mincing no words.

The e-mail was sent the same day Demand Progress participated in a Day of Advocacy, where activists met with legislators to seek their help in preserving Title II.

In a separate e-mail asking supporters to tell the Senate to 'fire" Pai, the group says a vote for the chairman is a vote to:

"End the internet as we know it, and let Big Cable be the gatekeepers of what you can and can’t do online.

"Let notorious right-wing media empire Sinclair (known for its racist and highly biased 'must-run' broadcasts) get market share reaching over 70% of American households.

"Shut off phone and internet service for the working poor and low-income people."