Dems Amend Net Neutrality Resolution


It looks like the Democrats will once again try to amend the Republican's resolution of disapproval invalidating the Federal Communications Commission's network neutrality rules.

The resolution passed in the Communications Subcommittee last week. Although amendments are not germane to such resolutions, Democrats offered up a half dozen to illustrate the important Internet issues they thought the resolution would prevent the FCC from dealing with, including Web site blocking, emergency communications, fraud, child porn, and privacy.

For example, one amendment stipulates that the FCC regs would go into effect as planned "if the Commission, in consultation with the Secretary of Labor, determines that the failure of such rule to take effect would result in the loss of 1000 or more jobs." Dems argue the resolution would be a job-killer.

According to a list of the amendments for Tuesday's full House Energy & Commerce Committee hearing, the same amendments will be offered once again. If past is prologue, Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) will rule that each is not germane following their introduction, after which the resolution will be voted on.

Next stop will be the House floor, though it will almost certainly be stopped in the Democratically controlled Senate.