Dershowitz on Court TV’s Roberts Coverage


Defense attorney, Harvard Law Professor and author Alan Dershowitz will appear during Court TV News’ coverage of the Supreme Court nomination hearings of President Bush’s nominee, John Roberts Jr.

The network will cover the hearings live, with chief anchor and managing editor Fred Graham reporting from Washington, D.C.

Court TV’s coverage will also include Pepperdine University Law School Dean Ken Starr, the former independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation and President Clinton’s impeachment hearings.

“Given the critical importance to our judicial system and our nation’s future of a Supreme Court nomination, Court TV is proud to bring its years of analysis and commentary to the upcoming hearings and confirmation process,” Court TV Networks chairman and CEO Henry Schleiff said in a prepared statement.

“It is, indeed, the Super Bowl for Court TV -- an event that allows our experienced anchors to provide expert coverage to a process that should both, properly, educate and inspire all Americans,” he added.