Detroit Sets Friday Deadline for Comcast


The Detroit Cable Communications Commission has set a May 7 deadline for Comcast Corp. to explain how it will remedy more than 40,000 code violations in the city.

The violations were discovered in an independent report conducted by Kramer.Firm Inc. for the Communications Workers of America.

The commission said the operator must provide a written response by Friday, addressing "in detail each violation of the National Electric Safety Code and National Electric Code cited" in the report, along with a "comprehensive, corrective action plan" for review and approval.

The union represents about 2,000 workers at Comcast facilities nationwide and around 52 in the city of Detroit.

"Many of these violations are extremely serious and can cause fires and electric shocks, yet Comcast refuses to acknowledge its service shortcomings and the dangerous conditions that exist in the Detroit community," CWA representative Shannon Kirkland said when the results were released in March.