Developing: San Fran Board Slated To Vote On Resolution Backing Network Neutrality


The city famous for cable cars plans to vote Tuesday on a resolution supporting an FCC rulemaking that would affect cable systems.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is planning to vote Tuesday afternoon on the resolution, similar to one being considered by the New York City Council, backing the FCC proposal to expand and codify network neutrality rules.

The San Francisco resolution, which must be approved unanimously, urges the FCC "to codify strong network neutrality principles in order to ensure that the Internet will continue to foster innovation, increase competition, and spur economic growth as well as making the Internet faster and more affordable for all. "

"We are very encouraged that San Francisco lawmakers recognize the importance of preserving an open Internet," said Free Press program manager Misty Perez Truedson, in a statement. "As a world leader in media and technology, support from the Bay Area is especially important."

Sillicon Valley is home to strong supporters of network neutrality, particularly computer and applications companies that see it as protection from potential anticompetitive practices by ISPs, but also House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"Today's vote will send a strong message to Congress and the Federal Communications Commission that they must protect Net Neutrality and make sure the Internet remains an unrivaled resource for economic innovation, democratic participation and free speech online," said Truedson.

Free Press was one of the witnesses speaking in favor of the New York resolution at a hearing last week.