Digeo Goes OpenCable


On the heels of its recent Comcast Corp. deployment news, Digeo Inc. announced that it is working on a Scientific-Atlanta Inc. “PowerKey” version of its set-top box, which will also feature the ability to run software from the OpenCable Applications Platform.

Digeo also announced that its second-room, thin-client “Moxi Mate” digital-video-recorder is now below $80 in price and includes a new chip set that’s reducing the overall costs of the box.

The Moxi Mate “allows for a very low-cost approach to the second room,” Digeo president Jim Billmaier said.

“It’s a thin-client box that allows us to run all of the applications” as the main box, he added. “It uses IR [infrared] back-channel to talk to the main box, and runs right over cable at 1 [gigahertz], above the cable spectrum in the home.”

Billmaier also said Digeo’s silicon-chip-development team is working on a new design that should slice the cost of the chip 40%-50% by 2005.

“We have a road map on cost reduction that allows for on-the-fly compression,” he added.

Digeo also will be able to the triple the storage in the next-generation media center.