Digeo Inks DRM Technology Deal


Interactive TV systems provider Digeo Inc. has struck a
licensing agreement allowing WiebeTech to use its digital rights management
technology for a line of external media drive products.

WiebeTech, a micro storage device provider, will use the technology based on
Digeo’s digital rights management patent to shore up its newly released FireWire
Encrypt external media drive product line.

The patent covers re-encrypting and storing content including movies, music,
video, audio and books.

Financial terms in the deal were not disclosed.

Digeo is actively marketing the digital management technology to other
electronics vendors, even as it continues to use it in its Moxi multimedia
gateway product line.

'We are living in a digital world where all types of intellectual property
such as TV programs, music and other media content are being distributed over
networks every second,” said Toby Farrand, Digeo’s chief technology officer, in
a release.

“To prevent the pirating of this content, digital rights management and
security are more important than ever.”