Digital Diversity by the Numbers


Multicultural viewers are more
likely to consider cutting the cable cord and
getting their TV fix through alternative distribution
platforms, according to a new multicultural
digital-media report from Horowitz Associates.

The move is being led by Hispanics, who are
18% likely or very likely to cancel TV service altogether
and not replace it in the near future,
compared to 13% of white urban multichannel
households, according to the multicultural
edition of Horowitz’s State of Cable and Digital
report. Asians were 13% likely to drop
subscription-cable service, while African-
Americans were 12% likely to do so.

In addition, 76% of all urban multicultural
homes have access to an over-the-top platform,
with Asians reporting a whopping 85% penetration
rate. Asians lead all multicultural groups with handheld
Internet/video capability (52%) and with home
broadband service (64%).

While these numbers don’t yet signal an
Armageddon for cable, satellite and telco distributors,
it does portend a potentially troubling
scenario in which multicultural viewers
show almost no trepidation in moving to
other platforms to view content they want to
see when they want to watch. To slow down
or reverse the trend, distributors will have to
find ways to offer more multicultural-themed
programming to keep the fast-growing urban
marketplace from trading in their remotes for
a computer mouse or a smart phone when they
want to watch entertainment content.

The full report will be unveiled Wednesday
(March 21) during Horowitz’s Multicultural Media Forum
in New York.