Digital Subs More Receptive to ITV


CTAM's latest 'Pulse' research survey found that most consumers are receptive
to interactive-television services, which may enable operators to boost upgrades
and new subscriptions to digital cable.

About 79 percent of digital-cable subscribers expressed receptivity to
interactive TV, versus 55 percent of analog subscribers, the Cable &
Telecommunications Association for Marketing reported in its survey,
'Interactive TV: Are Consumers Ready?'

In a ranking of core interactive services, CTAM said both digital and analog
customers rated video-on-demand, personal video recorders and local information
on TV as their top three choices.

Digital subscribers ranked watching programs interactively fourth, whereas
analog customers rated making purchases over the TV as their fourth choice.

When asked about their intent to use various interactive services without
separate fees, most digital subscribers cited getting news, sports and other
information on-screen while watching TV; accessing local information on the TV;
and ordering product samples, coupons and catalogs over the TV set as their top
three reasons.

Analog customers cited the interactive program guide as their leading

CTAM's study indicated that 66 percent of analog subscribers said they would
use the IPG if available with digital-cable service.

Research firm Ipsos-Reid Corp. conducted the study, interviewing 525 adult
decision-makers in malls in six cities from Sept. 25 through Oct. 29. Of that
total, 262 were analog customers recruited from mall visitors, while 263 were
digital customers pre-recruited to the mall by telephone.

CTAM pointed out that this study showed video demonstrations of various
interactive-TV services.