Digitalsmiths Hones New Data Tool

‘Seamless Insight’ To Help Partners Optimize Promos, Drive ARPU
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Digitalsmiths, the video search and recommendations company acquired by TiVo earlier this year, said it has beefed up its reporting and analytics capabilities with the release of Seamless Insight.

Seamless Insight, the company said, helps video service providers sift through volumes of data to obtain “actionable visibility” that enables them to optimize targeted content promotions, resulting in improved ARPU and viewer engagement.

Digitalsmiths said it developed the release following prototype testing by “several leading MSOs." Dish Network and Foxtel were among the Digitalsmiths clients that took part in the testing.  Other Digitalsmiths customers include AT&T, Bright House Networks, Charter Communications, DirecTV, Fox Sports, NASCAR, Sharp Electronics, Time Warner Cable, Turner Sports and Verizon Communications.

“During these tests, we were able to increase impressions which helped drive a meaningful lift in views of premium content”, said Matthew Baird, director, programming revenue at Dish, in a statement. “These efforts gave us new visibility and metrics necessary to test the delivery of content discovery promotions within our existing marketing channels.”

At launch, the new Seamless Insight platform consists of several modules, including a Discovery Dashboard (providing a snapshot of usage and stability of cross-platform content discovery offerings); and ARPU (visibility that can help merchandising teams increase the revenue per user through the creation and testing of a variety of promotions for channels, packages, premium content and PPV across different apps and devices).

Digitalsmiths said it will demo Seamless Insight at the Internetional CES confab in Las Vegas, set to run January 6-9, 2015.