Dingell To Release FCC Probe On Tuesday: Source

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Washington—The House Energy and Commerce Committee is expected to release Tuesday morning its report on the yearlong investigation into the management practices of Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin, an informed source said Monday.

House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) opened the probe in December 2007, telling Martin in a letter that he was "losing confidence that the [FCC] has been conducting its affairs in an appropriate manner."

Among other things, Dingell said he was concerned that Martin has been "short-circuiting procedural norms, suggesting a larger breakdown at the agency." He indicated that Martin had failed to give both the public at large and his colleagues at the agency sufficient time to review important details embedded in proposed rules.

A House Democratic aide said he expected the report to be released this week and that it would run about 50 pages in length.

A Martin aide was not immediately available for comment. Martin has repeatedly stated that he has run the FCC no differently from past FCC chairman and has fully cooperated with Dingell's investigation.