DirecTV Broadband Adds Remote Service


DirecTV Broadband Inc. has struck an alliance with Expertcity Inc. to offer its high-speed users secure remote-access service.

The digital-subscriber-line provider and sister company of Hughes Electronics Corp.'s DirecTV Inc. satellite-TV service has added Expertcity's "GoToMyPC" product to its service lineup, offering remote access secured by Advanced Encryption Standard encryption with 128-bit keys to protect data streams and file transfers. DirecTV Broadband is aiming the product at home offices and telecommuters.

"The combination of DirecTV Broadband and GoToMyPC offers corporate employees the opportunity to take advantage of a true telecommuting environment," DirecTV Broadband president and CEO Ned Hayes said.

Pricing is $19.95 monthly or $179.40 yearly for a single PC. Businesses wishing to link up more than one remote PC pay $29 monthly for two PCs, and for three or more, the fee is $14 per additional unit.