DirecTV Cuts Jobs


DirecTV Inc. began the first corporatewide job cuts in the company's history

Spokesman Bob Marsocci said notifications to individual employees are
expected to continue until the end of September. He could not estimate how many
jobs or what percentage of the work force would be impacted.

While most departments will lose workers, the company will continue to add
new customer-service agents, Marsocci said.

DirecTV president Roxanne Austin addressed the company's roughly 3,500
employees across the country Wednesday in a live broadcast over the
direct-broadcast satellite airwaves.

Marsocci blamed the layoffs on the sluggish economy and said the actions were
necessary to cut costs and to ensure the company's long-term future.

'The pending transaction is irrelevant,' he added, indicating that the cuts
were not made to appease a potential new owner.

General Motors Corp. wants to sell DirecTV and its parent, Hughes Electronics