DirecTV Dodges TiVo Questions


Las Vegas -- DirecTV Inc. executives faced several questions about the company’s distribution agreement with TiVo Inc.

New CEO Mitchell Stern offered vague responses about whether the company would continue to market TiVo-branded digital-video recorders, or whether it would focus on the new “DirecTV DVR,” which was developed by News Corp. corporate sibling NDS Group plc.

“We’re going to work with as many people and as many companies as we can to make sure we get the best product out to everybody,” Stern said at a DirecTV press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show here Thursday, adding that he planned to meet with TiVo president Mike Ramsey later that afternoon.

Asked to clarify DirecTV’s commitment to TiVo, Stern responded, “You have to take exactly what I said, and you have to take it with every ambiguity it was intended to relay].”