DirecTV Helps Nab 4 Signal Pirates


DirecTV Inc. announced Tuesday the criminal indictments of four men charged
with distributing illegal DirecTV access cards.

The indictments follow an investigation by the FBI and the Internal Revenue
Service, which was aided by DirecTV's office of signal integrity.

Canadian citizen Bill Rath was arrested and released on bail last week in
Ontario, and he may face extradition to the United States. Other defendants
include Mike Hill of Anderson, S.C.; Jeff Sanders of Shelbyville, Tenn.; and
Gregg Chaffin of Franklin Furnace, Ohio.

According to a press release, Rath was charged with leading an international
conspiracy to design, manufacture and distribute signal-theft devices across the
United States and Canada. Income from the venture was allegedly funneled to an
offshore bank account, which was uncovered by DirecTV's office of signal