DirecTV to Launch Fine Living


DirecTV Inc. will launch Fine Living next week, placing the luxury-lifestyle
network in roughly 12 million homes, officials said.

Effective Oct. 1, Fine Living will join the direct-broadcast satellite
provider's 'Total Choice' package, with access to 10.7 million homes.

That news came Tuesday -- the same day Time Warner Cable of New York City
added Fine Living, Lifetime Real Women and PBS Kids to its digital lineup.

The digi-net will gain about 500,000 subscribers via its Big Apple

Fine Living president Ken Solomon was thrilled that his six-month-old service
-- part of Scripps Networks -- would essentially go national with the DirecTV

'None of this would have happened without the equity that Scripps has built
with distributors,' he said.

DirecTV will group the Scripps services together, placing Fine Living
alongside Food Network, Home & Garden Television and Do It Yourself, Solomon