DirecTV Now Sets Best Buy Promo

Offering a free month when consumers buy an applicable streaming device
DirecTV Now 400x300.jpg

DirecTV Now, AT&T’s OTT TV service, will be looking to lure customers in starting Sunday (June 25) with a two-month, device-focused promo at Best Buy.

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Under the marketing tilt, which runs through August 25, Best Buy customers can get a free month of DirecTV service (its $35 per month “Live a Little” package) when they purchase an “applicable” device such as an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV box or stick, a Roku player, or a Google Chromecast streaming adapter.

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AT&T noted that DirecTV Now has recently expanded its VOD library to 20,000 titles and that it has added third-party app support for networks such as AMC, BBC America, IFC, Sundance and We.

DirecTV Now, launched in November 2016, added about 200,000 subscribers in its first month of service, but AT&T did not break out customer numbers for the OTT service when it posted Q1 2017 numbers.