DirecTV Opposes SES Spectrum Request


DirecTV Inc. said Tuesday that it filed comments one day earlier with the
Federal Communications Commission opposing SES Americom Inc.'s request to use
direct-broadcast satellite spectrum at the 105.5 degrees west orbital location
for a U.S.-based service.

DirecTV said such a service would interfere with its own DBS platform at 101
degrees west.

'SES Americom is trying to sneak in the back door by using a license
allegedly granted by the government of Gibraltar to place a satellite at an
orbital location that would not be permitted if the satellite were licensed by
the FCC,' DirecTV president Roxanne Austin said in a press release.

DirecTV said a satellite at 105.5 degrees would violate the principle of
nine-degree spacing for DBS systems in the Western Hemisphere, as established by
the International Telecommunications Union.

In late April, SES filed a petition with the FCC seeking authority to launch
a satellite to 105.5 degrees. If granted approval, the company said, it could
have its Americom2Home DBS platform operational as early as 2004.

SES has said that it does not intend to offer DBS services directly to
consumers, but it would launch Americom2Home as an open platform for programmers
that wished to pitch their own services.