DirecTV Touts PVR Offer


DirecTV Inc. confirmed Monday that it unveiled its new promotional offer for
subscribers who want to upgrade to receivers with built-in personal video

Customers who purchase TiVo Inc.-enabled direct-broadcast satellite receivers
from a dedicated toll-free number or Web site will be eligible for free
professional installation. The offer also includes a free upgrade to any
necessary outdoor hardware (such as a two-feed, dual-LNB), as well as a
multiswitch that would let viewers hook up their original set-top boxes in other

A similar offer also started Monday for DirecTV boxes with built-in
'UltimateTV' technology. Those customers are also eligible for free wireless
keyboards for use with the service's Internet-over-television service.

Infomercials describing the features of TiVo and UltimateTV are running on
DirecTV channels 223 and 224 through June 30. The offers end July 15, a DirecTV
spokeswoman said.