DirecTv, Turner to Provide PPV Race Coverage


DirecTv Inc. will offer a unique look at an auto-racing
event by providing five pay-per-view feeds for Turner Sports' Oct. 4 UAW-GM Quality
500 race.

Viewers ordering the $9.99 event will be able to watch race
coverage on five different PPV channels, including general race coverage through a
commercial-free TBS Superstation feed, said Coleman Breland, senior vice president of
sales and marketing for Turner Home Satellite.

DirecTv will also offer TBS' regular feed. The PPV
channels will feature different in-car camera angles. The racers equipped with the car
cameras will be Jeff Burton, Kenny Irwin, Dale Jarret and Bobby Labonte.

Breland said TBS has used the in-car camera for several of
its races, but never simultaneously on separate channels

Stephanie Campbell, senior vice president of programming
for DirecTv, said in a prepared statement that the five-channel offering is one of the
methods that DirecTv is using to try to improve the way that it telecasts sports events.

"Working with Turner Sports, we have developed a new
way to bring stock-car-racing fans as close to the action as possible, providing them with
the unique power to choose in-car camera angles and to truly feel like they are part of
the action."

In addition to the PPV event, DirecTv will air a one-hour
race-preview show that will repeat hourly, beginning Oct. 3 at 7:30 p.m.

Although he would not predict how well the event would do,
Breland said Turner would look to offer similar PPV auto-racing events if the DirecTv
experiment is a success. TBS airs about 12 motor-sport events per year.

Breland also would not rule out the possibility of allowing
operators to distribute the event, although he said the network hasn't planned
anything beyond the upcoming show.

"If they're successful and it's a good
proposition, then we'll be looking at others going forward," Breland said.
"DirecTv is doing a terrific job marketing the event, and it has a great sports
audience to target."

This marks the second time in recent months that Turner
Sports has teamed up with DirecTv on a PPV event. The DBS service offered
behind-the-scenes coverage of Turner Network Television's May 18 World Championship
Wrestling event. The $4.99 show offered the extra footage during commercial breaks on TNT.