DirecWay Gets Push from DirecTV, SBC


Hughes Network Systems Inc. announced a new extended monthly-payment plan for
new subscribers to the company's 'DirecWay' two-way satellite-Internet

In the '99/99' program, new customers receive the hardware, installation and
monthly service in a bundled fee of $99.99 per month for 12 months. After 12
months, the monthly access fee is reduced.

The standard monthly access fee for those who purchase the hardware outright
is currently $59.99.

DirecTV Inc. will offer the 99/99 program to its existing
direct-broadcast-satellite-customer base.

'By significantly reducing the cost of entry for DirecWay, we believe this is
an offer that will appeal to a wider range of customers,' DirecTV executive vice
president of marketing, advertising and product development Larry Chapman said
in a press release.

HNS also said Wednesday that it has partnered with SBC Communications Inc. to
sell the two-way satellite-Internet service to the phone company's customers in
rural Texas. SBC will also participate in the 99/99 program.