Discovery Books New Adventure Race


Under a Discovery Communications Inc./Southern Traverse Ltd. agreement
announced Tuesday, Discovery Channel has booked the newly created 'World
Championship Adventure Race' for September.

That planned four-hour event, officially christened as Discovery Channel
World Championship Adventure Race
, will be carried by the network worldwide,
in effect replacing Eco-Challenge, which recently moved to USA

There will be a total $100,000 prize purse for the six-day race, to be
managed by Southern Traverse. The competition -- which will include rafting,
mountain biking and glacier trekking -- will take place in Europe, with the
exact location to be unveiled March 1, the companies said.

In addition, the companies announced that the 'Southern Traverse Adventure
Race,' which took place in November in New Zealand, will also be shown on
Discovery as Discovery Channel Adventure Race. That four-hour special
will air April 22 and 23.