Discovery Channel Takes a Dive


Discovery Quest special Dive to the Bermuda Triangle will debut on Discovery Channel May 2 at 9 p.m.

According to the network, in 1991, oceanic explorer Graham Hawkes discovered a cluster of five World War II-period Avenger torpedo-bomber airplanes on the ocean floor, a few miles east of the Florida coast. The cluster of planes matched the descriptions of Flight 19 -- those planes’ disappearance launched the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

This past year, with funding from Discovery Channel Quest, investigators sent a research submarine 700 feet below sea to see if the planes were members of the doomed squadron.

After matching the bureau numbers on the planes to Navy accident reports, investigators learned that this cluster of aircraft was not Flight 19. Yet, all five planes crashed in that exact area in separate incidents over the course of several months.

Dive to the Bermuda Triangle was produced by Termite Art.