Discovery, ChevronTexaco Help Angola


Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership and ChevronTexaco Corp. launched 15 new learning centers in Angola Wednesday.

Each school is provided with a television, a VCR, satellite technology (if possible), a source of electricity (if necessary), a library of specially produced, locally relevant educational video programming and access to information from any source that meets the needs of the school and community, Discovery said.

Each learning center receives three years of teacher training and technical support in how to use TV and video effectively in the classroom and as a community resource, the company added.

“At such an important time in the history of Angola, we are eager to expand on the success of the partnership’s activities in other countries and to use technology to complement and accelerate ongoing efforts to offer children and their parents better access to information and education,” Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership executive director Gail Ifshin said in a prepared statement.