Discovery, Discovery Health Lead Survey


Channels from Discovery Networks U.S.' stable headed the list of major and
emerging programming services that noncable subscribers are most interested in,
according to the most recent study from Beta Research Corp.

In the 'Beta Non-Subscriber Study,' Discovery Channel ranked first among
major networks (defined as having 70 million or more subscribers) with

According to Beta, on a scale of 1 to 5, where the latter means 'very
interested' and the former 'not at all interested,' 69 percent of the
respondents gave Discovery either a 4 or 5 rating.

The History Channel was second among major networks with 56 percent, while
Disney Channel and The Learning Channel were tied with 49 percent. Cable News
Network was next with 44 percent, followed by ABC Family and American Movie
Classics at 41 percent.

Among emerging networks -- defined by Beta as having fewer than 70 million
subscribers -- Discovery Health Channel was tied with Turner Classic Movies, as
39 percent of respondents gave the services 4 or 5 rankings.

Hallmark Channel U.S. was third at 35 percent, ahead of Toon Disney at 31
percent, Bravo and Travel Channel at 24 percent apiece and TechTV at 22

The results were tabulated from 500 telephone interviews conducted in March
among a national sample of nonsubscribers to cable and satellite in areas where
the former is available.

Based on concept descriptions, the study sought to gauge interest in 50
networks -- 32 major channels and 18 emerging services.

Beta said 61 percent of nonsubscribers were former cable households.

Other survey findings included that 38 percent were interested in digital
cable, while 25 percent were interested in satellite service. Of the
nonsubscribers interested in digital cable or satellite, more were likely to be
former cable subscribers aged 18 through 34 or persons with