Discovery Familia Shines Light on Cancer


Discovery Familia will look at how cancer turned the life of
a Cuban-American media entrepreneur was turned upside down in an upcoming

Tengo cancer (I Have Cancer),
an autobiographical documentary by Patricia San Pedro, who was diagnosed with
an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2008, is set for Oct. 29.

Patricia San Pedro

The documentary, a co-production with Imagina U.S., uses
footage taken by San Pedro herself -- some very graphic. It follows her
throughout the experience, from when she's first diagnosed with an aggressive intraductal
carcinoma; to when she breaks the news to her father, in his own kitchen; to

 "Here I am, about to
break the news to my father," San Pedro says while setting up a webcam in her
father's kitchen. Holding a bottle of wine, she adds: "The wine is for me as
much as it is for him."

San Pedro's real-life footage includes the "dreaded
drainage" that ensues a double mastectomy and the first time she underwent
chemotherapy -- and hosted a "chemo-party" with her close friends.

Tengo Cancer will
air Oct. 29 at 9 p.m., in English with Spanish subtitles, It's part of a
broader programming block for breast cancer awareness month, in which Discovery
Familia has aired a series of PSAs in which Hispanic women share their
experiences with breast cancer.