Discovery HD Gets Three IMAX Films


Discovery HD Theater is taking a trio of IMAX Corp. films to the small

The 24-hour high-definition network, which bowed in June, has converted and
will telecast three IMAX films this fall, beginning Monday night with
Africa's Elephant Kingdom and following with The Human Body and

The presentation of these films will mark the first-ever telecine transfer of
an IMAX 15/70 format -- which is 10 times larger than a conventional
35-millimeter film and three times larger than a standard 70-mm film -- directly
into an HDTV format.

Originally filmed in IMAX's 15/70mm format, the movies have been transferred
to 1080 high-definition format for their upcoming debuts on Discovery HD

Africa's Elephant Kingdom, following an extended pachyderm family, bows
on the HDTV network Monday night at 8 p.m.

The Human Body, presenting a look at the biological processes that go on
inside us, will premiere on Discovery HD Theater Nov. 10, while Wildfire,
providing viewers with an up close look at one of nature's most powerful forces
and the men and women who battle them, will premiere on the network Dec. 1.

'We're delighted to present these three IMAX films on Discovery HD Theater,'
said John Ford, president of the new-media division for Discovery Networks U.S.,
in a prepared statement.

'Never before have television viewers been able to appreciate anything close
to the drama of a larger-than-life, crystal-clear IMAX film,' he added. 'Now,
viewers can feel like they're right there on the plains of Africa, coursing
through the human body, or fighting a ferocious wildfire. These films
demonstrate the level of innovative, high-quality programming that is the
hallmark of Discovery HD Theater.'