Discovery HD Marches in Rose Parade


Discovery Networks U.S. president of new media John Ford announced Wednesday
that 13 new hours of programming are being added to its list of January
"Discovery HD Theater" offerings.

This includes the first and only high-definition coverage of the Jan. 1
Tournament of Roses Parade.

That live event has already been announced as a special on Home & Garden
Television, although that production will not be in HD.

Discovery HD Theater -- which launched six months ago with about 110 hours of
high-def programming -- will present triple that amount by December 2003, Ford

Other January titles on Discovery's HD slate are Night of the Wolf
Jan. 6, The Real Eve Jan. 13, Before We Ruled the Earth Jan. 20
and 21 and Gentle Ben Jan. 27.

Wolf and Gentle Ben are original Animal Planet movies, while
Eve is a Discovery Channel special.