Discovery’s Campbell: We Support Irwin


Hollywood -- Despite condemning his actions, Discovery Channel president Billy Campbell said the company stands behind embattled Crocodile Hunter host Steve Irwin and has no plans to take him or the show off the air.

Campbell, speaking during the Discovery Networks U.S. Television Critics Association tour presentation here Wednesday, said he supports Irwin, who has come under intense scrutiny for recently feeding a 13-foot crocodile while holding his baby son.

Campbell said he told Irwin in a telephone conversation that he "disagreed" with Irwin's actions, and Irwin said he "made a mistake and was sorry." Campbell added that the network will continue to air the popular Crocodile Hunter show, but he would not say whether Irwin will address the issue on-air at a later date.

"I support him, I think he made a mistake … we all make mistakes, so I think it's time to move on," he said. "We're supporting him, we're continuing to air the show and I'm excited about sitting down with him and talking about the future of things we're going to try to do together."