Discovery Special Eyes Jesus' Brother


Did Jesus have a brother? That's one of the questions that may be answered
during a Discovery Channel special that will premiere next spring.

The network announced Monday that it would bow James, The Brother of
, a special that will reveal possible archaeological evidence from the
First Century A.D. of Jesus' possible existence in Jerusalem.

Discovery's program will be based on the findings reported in the
November/December issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, centering on the
unearthing in Israel of an ancient limestone ossuary. The bone box contains 20
Aramic letters that combine to make up the inscription, 'James, son of Joseph,
brother of Jesus.'

The show will provide viewers with new information about the discovery of
this relic, as well as raising questions about Jesus' family life.

The program will also feature scientific experts discussing the tests used to
authenticate the 20-inch-long limestone ossuary, which were commonly used during
that time to hold human bones.

In addition to the limestone analysis, the patina and shape of the lettering,
along with the soil remains in the box, were examined for authenticity by Dr.
André Lemaire, one of the world's leading epigraphers.

Experts from the Geologic Survey of Israel and Johns Hopkins University are
also interviewed.