Discovery Times, GoodLife Set 9/11 Slates


Discovery Times Channel and GoodLife Television Network will air specials
surrounding the two-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Discovery Times will examine why the United States is often a target for rage
in the world as part of a documentary, Why U.S.?, premiering Sept. 11,
network officials said.

The one-hour special will feature a collection of interviews with former
government officials, journalists and academics from the United States and the
Arab world that reveal the perceptions of American foreign policy and awareness
of world issues.

Also Sept. 11, baby-boomer-targeted GoodLife will launch a weekly, 14-part
series on the country’s national-security efforts. Homefront America will
take viewers behind the scenes of the nation¹s quest to preserve our security,
the network said.

One day later, GoodLife will bow a second original series, Volunteers: For
the Sake of Others
, which will explore the culture of Americans helping
others, from next-door neighbors to needy people around the