Discovery Turns Red & Blue


Discovery Channel will air special Red & Blue Nov. 17 at 8 p.m. (EST/PST), the network said Thursday.

Red & Blue “tells the story of two American families, from widely divergent backgrounds and political sensibilities, who temporarily switch lives to better understand each other's social and political beliefs,” Discovery said.

The network added, “For 10 days in July 2005, James and Rebecca Catterall and their two children of Topanga, Calif. -- representing a ‘blue-state’ point-of-view -- and Steve and Anita Cambre and their teen-age daughter of Clinton, La. -- representing a ‘red-state’ point-of-view -- lived in each other's houses, ate each other's food, socialized with each other's neighbors and participated in community activities they had never before experienced.”

Red & Blue reflects Discovery Channel's commitment to go beyond typical news coverage with programming that goes behind the scenes and beneath the surface,” Discovery executive vice president and general manager Jane Root said in a prepared statement.

“Through this show, we will explore whether this divide still hold true, or do our common bonds unite us all beyond political beliefs?” she added.