Dish Anywhere App Gets More Personalized

Customers Can Create Up To Five Individual Profiles (Updated)
Dish Anywhere app 400x300.jpg

Following a recent refresh, Dish Network’s Dish Anywhere app for iOS, Android and Kindle devices has opened a new feature that lets subscribers set up multiple profiles, enabling then to receive more granular, personalized video recommendations.

Each account now has the ability to set up as many as five individual profiles, including the sub’s default setting, plus an additional four, a Dish spokeswoman said.

Users also have the ability to select their own avatar and user name, reported SlashGear, which has also posted a screenshot of the newly expanded user profile element.

That  expansion is one of several new features that came way of a March 18 update for Dish Anywhere, an app that turns tablets and smartphones into fancy remote controls and also lets customers watch live and recorded TV, manage their DVRs, and transfer DVR-recorded shows to a mobile device.

The most recent refresh also includes other features, including one that lets subs pair the app to the Hopper HD-DVR when customers are at home, bring up scores from the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, and a way to pay bills from within the app.

Dish initially added a slew of new personalization features to Dish Anywhere app in August 2014 that included a “What’s Hot” component that highlights shows based on real-time viewer data. 

It was not immediately known who is working with Dish on the new multi-profile feature, but Digitalsmiths, the video discovery and recommendations specialist acquired by TiVo last January, is one of Dish’s historic video tech partners.

Update: Dish confirmed that Digitalsmiths is the partner in question. 

Cox Communications’ Contour app uses a system powered by ThinkAnalytics that provides personal picks for up to eight users in a household, while Netflix launched a system in 2013 that allows customers to build up to five individual profiles.