Dish To Black Out FS1 College Football Games

Satellite Operator Says Network Wants ‘Significant Fee’ For Opening Matches

Dish Network said Monday that it will blackout four college football games during the opening weekend of the NCAA season due to a rate dispute with Fox Sports 1.

Dish, which has touted itself as the place to be for college  sports – it carries all the regional college sports networks including Pac-12, the SEC Network, the Longhorn Network, and the Big 10 Network  – said on a website that it will blackout FS1 college football contests Rutgers vs. Washington State on Aug. 28; Colorado St. vs. Colorado on Aug. 29; North Dakota St. vs. Iowa St. on Aug. 30 and SMU vs. Baylor on Aug. 31.

“Fox agreed to pay an inflated price for certain sports events on Fox Sports 1,” Dish said on its website. “Now, Fox is demanding we pay them a significant additional charge to carry these events. We are unwilling to pass these costs on to our customers.”

According to SNL Kagan, Fox Sports 1 charges distributors about 50 cents per subscriber per month to carry the channel. It was unclear just how much Fox was asking in addition to carry the games. And though half are Pac-12 conference contests – Rutgers vs. Washington State; and Colorado St. vs. Colorado – none are considered to be must-see games.

According to a Dish spokesman, the blackout is only for the four games in question, Dish customers can access other sporting events on Fox Sports 1.

“Only a portion of college football games are impacted by this issue,” Dish said. “Other content on Fox Sports 1 remains available to Dish customers,”Dish said in a statement.

Fox Sports declined comment.