Dish Dealers Pay Almost $1.3 Million In FTC Settlement


Two Dish Network dealers, Vision Quest and New Edge, have agreed to pay more than a million dollars between them to settle FTC charges they violated the Do Not Call registry.

At the request of the FTC, the Justice Department filed complaints against the dealers back in March, at the same time a complaint was filed against Dish, which is currently litigating the complaint.

By contrast, Vision Question and New Edge Satellite have agreed to pay $690,000 and $570,000, respectively, to settle the complaints, though they won't have to cough up the money immediately because they don't have the money, said the FTC.

They also agreed not to call any names on the Do Not Call registry.

While the FTC said it wanted Dish to better monitor its dealers for compliance, the DBS operator argued that the FTC, by including the company in complaints against dealers, is confusing "merely doing business with an independent retailer to ‘causing' or ‘assisting and facilitating' violations by that retailer."

Dish said that results is a strict liability standard that isn't, and is not intended to be, in the law.