Dish Joins Tablet Parade

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Englewood, Colo.
Dish Network is getting gadget-
happy, with plans this
fall to let subscribers with the
new ViP 922 DVR or a Sling-
Box watch live TV and digital
video recordings from iPads,
iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android-
based devices for no
additional charge.

The video-streaming feature
is pegged to debut in
September and will be an
extension of the free Dish Remote
Access app, which provides
management features
for most of the operator’s DVR
receivers. Dish anticipates offering
a BlackBerry version
in September and one for
Google’s Android operating
system in October.

To watch live TV or recorded
shows, Dish customers must
have either the ViP 922 DVR or
a SlingBox. Dish began shipping
the “SlingLoaded” ViP 922
DVR in April, around a year
after it previously expected to
launch the product.

Last week, the satellite-TV
operator announced the iPad
version of the Dish Remote
Access app, which includes a
remote-control feature to let
users change channels, browse
the program guide, and access
other navigational
features on TVs
connected to compatible

Other TV providers
are gearing
up tabletoriented

Systems, for one,
is working on its
own version of
TV Everywhere
to let customers
access the
full suite of TV
products on
iPads, smartphones
PCs inside
their homes,
chief operating
Tom Rutledge
said on the
MSO’s earnings call last week.

In May, Comcast CEO Brian
Roberts demonstrated the
“Xfinity Remote” running on
an iPad at the The Cable Show
in Los Angeles. The Web-based
feature lets subscribers search
their channel lineups, change
the channel or launch a VOD
session. Xfinity Remote is to
become available to Comcast
subscribers later in 2010.

Also, Verizon Communications
is developing an iPadlike
tablet from Motorola with
a 10-inch screen, that could
debut this fall, to let FiOS TV
customers wirelessly watch TV,
the Financial Times reported.