Dish Seeks DBS Merger Talks


EchoStar Communications Corp. filed a statement with the Securities and
Exchange Commission Thursday declaring that it had received word from General
Motors Corp. that it was 'willing to establish a dialogue' to discuss the legal
and financial implications of a possible merger between EchoStar and GM's Hughes
Electronics Corp.

GM spokeswoman Toni Simonetti would not comment on such talks.

'We're in negotiations with News Corp.,' Simonetti said, adding, 'We would
certainly fulfill any obligation to shareholders to consider viable alternative

Hughes shareholders gave a vote of confidence to news of a new bid for the
company. The company's share price rose by 2.32 percent Thursday, closing at
$24.30. Shares of both News Corp. and EchoStar were down: News Corp. was down
1.88 percent, closing at $36.53, while EchoStar was down 2.15 percent, closing
at $33.30.