Dish Serves TiVo’s Metadata

Migration process took five months, they say (Updated)
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TiVo said Dish Network has completed its migration to TiVo’s metadata platform, which it’s using for program information and image-based content across platforms, including linear TV, VOD and DVR services.

TiVo said it completed the migration process in just under five months.

The migration also comes almost a year after Rovi, just prior to its merger with TiVo, announced a new ten-year patent license renewal with Dish.  

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Updated: Dish confirmed that it previously used Gracenote's metadata platform. Gracenote was acquired by Nielsen from Tribune Media in February. 

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“Today’s consumers want a visually-rich entertainment experience that makes it easy for them to quickly identify and access the content they want in real-time,” Niraj Desai, vice president of product management at Dish, said in a statement. “Through our long-standing collaboration with TiVo, we were able to integrate their enhanced metadata offerings and provide a cohesive and seamless entertainment experience across our product platforms.”

 “Working against a compressed timeline, TiVo delivered a comprehensive metadata solution that enabled DISH to continue to deliver rich entertainment experiences that its customers expect,” added Roz Ho, TiVo’s senior vice president and general manager, consumer and metadata.