Dish Taps Nagra For VOD Ad-Splicing Help

Using Nagra's MediaLive Secure Player For Dish Anywhere App
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Nagra, a long-time tech partner of Dish Network, said it is supporting dynamic ad insertion (DAI) for video-on-demand services that run on the Dish Anywhere multiscreen video app for tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Under the agreement, which also factors in Dish’s set-top and technology-focused corporate cousin EchoStar, Dish is splicing ads dynamically using Nagra’s MediaLive Secure Player. That component has been integrated with Dish and EchoStar’s DAI and user measurement technology providers, the companies said. 

The DAI-ready MediaLive Secure Player, Nagra said, supports standard features such as configurable ad-skipping management, a feature that enables partners to select how many times ads need to be watched, report ad viewing data to third-party measurement firms, and monitor video quality and reporting for PCs/Macs and Android and iOS platforms.

“Our technology focuses on the customer experience, be it the programming they watch, the device they use, or even the advertising they see,” said Vivek Khemka, Dish’s SVP of product management, in a statement. “Along with our other technology partners, the NAGRA MediaLive Secure Player helps us achieve this goal by allowing us to enhance our VOD offering while providing a better and more relevant television experience to consumers.”

“The ability to offer DAI on our platform opens up new opportunities for on-demand assets and expanding content offerings,” added Mark Jackson, president, EchoStar Technologies. “With the new features of the NAGRA MediaLive Secure Player, we have a tightly integrated system that helps us leverage those opportunities while maintaining a secure multiscreen environment.”

“The NAGRA MediaLive Secure Player provides a robust solution that we continuously evolve to enable our customers to meet their business objectives in the fast-evolving and highly fragmented OTT market,” said Jean-Michel Puiatti, SVP of Nagra’s multiscreen product unit.