Disney Net Goes SVOD


Disney Channel has launched a new basic-cable-based,
subscription-video-on-demand service within Cablevision Systems Corp.'s iO:
Interactive Optimum digital-cable offering.

The network's SVOD service -- featuring programming from the service's tween
and pre-school show blocks -- sells for $4.95 per month.

Executives from both companies said they're confident that the Disney brand
will propel subscription sales.

The service will feature 20 hours per month of programming split equally
between Disney's tween-targeted primetime lineup of Lizzie McGuire,
Kim Possible and The Proud Family and its 'Playhouse Disney' block
of shows like Rolie Polie Olie and The Book of Pooh, according to
Disney senior vice president of distribution strategies and operations Albert

One-half of the content would be refreshed monthly, he said. "At least 50% to
80% of the episodes offered on the SVOD platform is content that is not found on
the network that month," he added.