Disney Promo Sets Sights on Tweens


Disney Channel plans to take advantage of a corporate
lineage that includes ABC Television, Radio Disney and Walt Disney World in an upcoming
"watch and win" contest.

Viewers of the network's new original fictional sports
series The Jersey will have a chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl during the
promotion, designed to drive tune-in during the weekends of Jan. 7 and Jan. 14.

"We were looking to find a way to use sports and music
as a way to bring 'tweens into the Disney Channel," Disney Channel vice president of
marketing Adam Sanderson said.

Sister company ABC will air Super Bowl XXXIV next year,
giving Disney Channel an opportunity for cross-promotion.

The Super Bowl, the National Football League's championship
game, is "more than a television event," said Sanderson. "It's a

In The Jersey, which is targeted to kids ages 9 to
11, the teenage characters who put on the special sports jersey are magically transported
into a world of professional sports. Celebrity athletes make guest appearances in each
show. In addition to football, episodes focus on hockey, figure skating or basketball.

The contest's winner will receive a custom-made jersey and
a pass for four to a fantasy trip to the Jan. 30 Super Bowl in Atlanta, including a
walk-on role during the halftime show and a trip to the post-game MVP Parade at Walt
Disney World.

To enter the contest, viewers will be asked to name which
sports the characters jump into when they put on the jersey during shows aired the
weekends in question.

National sporting goods retailer Champs Sports will help
promote the contest by distributing entry forms at its 650 stores. Starting Dec. 28, the
stores will be dressed with banners and other point-of-purchase signage, as well as
in-store videos promoting the contest.

Champs will supply its sales staff with 7,000 buttons
promoting the contest, said Sanderson. The store will also hand out phone cards shaped
like football jerseys in support of the promotion to customers who buy a licensed NFL

Disney Channel chose Champs as its promotional partner to
reach kids who are hanging out at malls after the holidays, returning gifts and spending
their gift certificates, Sanderson said.

Disney will run 100 on-air spots promoting the contest. In
addition to the Champs Stores, entry forms will be made available at www.ZoogDisney.com.

According to Sanderson, ZoogDisney is a key initiative for
reaching kids aged nine to 11. Games and sports are the most popular sites there, he

Radio Disney will promote the contest and offer an
additional prize for just its listeners.

"At the end of the day, both sports and music are key
drivers of this market," Sanderson added.

Los Angeles-based The Creative Couch, an agency
specializing in teen promotions, created the sweepstakes for Disney Channel.