DIY Fine With '9'

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Beginning Jan. 14, DIY
Network will be inviting viewers to consider getting “Nailed at Nine.”

The slogan refers to a programming block of the do-it-yourself network's most popular shows that will anchor each weeknight at 9 p.m. For the first time, the Scripps-owned network will take the tune-in campaign beyond its own channel, buying spots on radio, direct-broadcast satellite and other media.

“We're working hard to refine [our] category,” DIY general manager Kathleen Finch said. Though the channel is known for its how-to programming, “we're pushing the entertainment envelope,” she said, with a programming promotional block that emphasizes that its show personalities are not just hosts, but home-repair professionals.

The commercial spots take a thematic inspiration from user-generated video, Finch said.

Executive surfed those kinds of sites and witnessed a lot of “gee whiz” stunts, she said, so the DIY commercials are in that vein. In one, a juggler balances a nail on the head of a hammer.

The spots will differ for each night, as a different series will be showcased. Mondays will be devoted to Inside Job, a Carter Oosterhouse-hosted series depicting the behind-the-scenes stress at a home-makeover show; followed by Bathroom Renovations. Tuesday will feature two episodes of the new series Under Construction, following two Brooklyn, N.Y.-based home renovators.

On Wednesday, the anchor is Sweat Equity, about home-improvement projects that raise property values, followed by Man Caves. The Thursday block consists of two episodes of Cool Tools.

On Friday, Hammered, hosted by brothers Jimmy and John DiResta, will be the featured series of the night.

The campaign and programming block strategy has been designed so the network can change it each season. For instance, in the second quarter, the focus of the campaign will be outdoor shows, such as Yard Crashers and Desperate Landscapers.

The network has planned real-life stunts to tout its programming strategy. In January, a building in the Chelsea section of Manhattan will be shrink-wrapped with the image of a clock with a three-dimensional nail sticking out of the nine o'clock position.

DIY also plans some attention-getting marathons — including counter-programming the Super Bowl with the “Toilet Bowl,” an 11-hour block of bathroom renovations.

“We want people to laugh as they sample us,” Finch said.