DIY, HGTV Stick with Henkel


Scripps Networks' Do It Yourself and Home & Garden Television announced
Monday that they are partnering with Henkel Consumer Adhesives Inc. on a
marketing initiative that includes program sponsorships and product

The initiative starts next month.

Henkel will sponsor an hour-long DIY special, I Did It with Duct Tape,
which will feature Henkel's Duck and Loctite brands and their uses in such
projects as repairing a car, designing a dress and immobilizing broken

In addition, the marketer will sponsor two five-part workshops that will
begin airing later this spring on DIY. These programs will feature
do-it-yourselfers and their accomplishments.

Both on-air and on the DIY Web site (, DIY will produce five custom,
two-minute featurettes called DIY Kits, offering how-to instruction on
using Loctite and Duck products for specific home-improvement projects.

Meanwhile on HGTV, Henkel will sponsor that network's Weekend Warriors
program for nine weeks, effective in May.

A couple of sweepstakes promotions also figure in the marketing agreement.
Henkel will sponsor HGTV's annual "Great Fall Fix-Up Sweepstakes" -- due Aug. 18
through Sept. 15 -- as well as an unspecified custom DIY