DOCSIS 2.0 Gains International Status


Supporters of Cable Television Laboratories Inc.'s Data Over Cable Service
Interface Specification 2.0 got another prize in their Christmas stockings: The
International Telecommunications Union has reached agreement to make it an
international standard.

After just 18 months of work, the international technical-standards
organization completed work on the recommendation for the standard, which uses
advanced physical-layer tweaks to boost upstream bandwidth and clear up

Gaining international-standard status means that the technology can be
applied to a wider market of Internet-protocol-based cable systems overseas.

The news comes even as the first crop of DOCSIS 2.0 modems and
cable-modem-termination systems received certification last week.

"DOCSIS is recognized as a technology that enables the broadband revolution
to reach communities, and that will help sustain economic development,"
CableLabs president and CEO Richard Green said.

"[The] ITU's fast action enables cable operators around the world to provide
consumers and bandwidth users with a faster, more powerful version of that
technology," he added.