Dog Days for Lifetime

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This one figures to gets a little ruff, as in dog speak.

Lifetime Television will bring viewers inside the world of quirky pet owners and their pooches and overzealous animal agents with new reality series Off the Leash.

Previously titled Paws, the series centers around the high-stakes activities at Le Paws Hollywood Pet Agency, where the search is always on for the next “spokesdog.” Canine excesses include visits to doggie spas and yoga classes.

Lifetime ordered six half-hour installments -- the first of which is slated to debut this fall -- from Intuitive Entertainment.

“These are real stories about people who have big dreams of making their adored pet into a Hollywood star,” Lifetime Entertainment Services president Susanne Daniels said in a prepared statement.

“Pets are important family members in American homes today, and they are more visible than ever in films, television and commercials,” she added. “This show offers a humorous glimpse at the machinations behind how a pet makes it from the home to the big screen, and it’s just as full of absurd surprises as any human actor’s struggle for success. For these animals, it’s not about going on the newspaper, but getting in the newspaper.”