Dolan Welcomes AOL Time Warner


Cablevision Systems Corp. president and CEO James Dolan told a group of
industry executives Monday that he wouldn't mind seeing AOL Time Warner Inc.
replace AT&T Corp. as a shareholder in his company.

Last week AT&T registered 30 million shares it owns in Cablevision for
possible sale. While AT&T could end up holding onto the stock, which has no
voting rights, Dolan said the decision is ultimately AT&T's.

'I think it's a very valuable piece of equity,' he said. 'My hope is that
whatever entity ends up with the stock, it is someone who shares the same
enthusiasm we have.'

Dolan went on to name AOL Time Warner as a company that he wouldn't mind
picking up the shares and regional Bell operating company Verizon Communications
as one that he would not like to see end up with the stock.

Earlier, Dolan told the group that despite being 'slow,' Cablevision is
moving forward with its planned rollout of digital-cable service in

He added that once Cablevision goes digital, channels that may not have been
able to get on the company's analog systems will find room on the digital tier,
including networks that compete with existing Cablevision programming.

'With digital, the intention is to carry as much as we can,' Dolan said. 'The
idea of having underlying content that works with this technology will be very
attractive. If you're developing underlying content, we have room for