Drama Time for ESPN, USA


ESPN and USA Network went forward with new drama-series productions Friday --
ESPN's first ever, USA's latest.

ESPN's long-awaited move in the field will be Playmakers, a look at
the off-field lives of a National Football League team.

USA's effort is Peacemakers, the channel's first Western, starring Tom
Berenger and Peter O'Meara as good guys who capture the bad guys with the help
of early-era forensic techniques.

ESPN will produce 11 episodes of Playmakers, while USA will make nine
Peacemakers, including a two-hour opening episode.

Although ESPN's subject is an NFL team, Playmakers will be shot in
Canada, apparently to pare costs. The show will premiere Aug. 26 to coincide
with the pro- and college-football-season kickoffs.

USA will debut Peacemakers in July, exact date to be announced

Playmakers will be executive-produced by writer/creator and former
college-football player John Eisendrath (Alias) and Rob Thomas.

Rick Ramage (Stigmata) will executive-produce Peacemakers with
Larry Carroll (Brimstone, USA's The Huntress).