The Is In: TWC Launching Virtual Visit

Teams with Cleveland Clinic for Broadband Business Service Providing Remote Healthcare

Time Warner Cable has launched what is says is its first "virtual visit" telemedicine trial.

The Cleveland Clinic will be the test outlet for the effort, part of TWC's Home Health Monitoring business service.

Allowing patents and doctors to interact remotely via a broadband connection is one of the key benefits to broadband deployment being promoted by the Obama Administration, particularly given that it could both make it both easier and less expense to reach remote areas with healthcare.

Through Home Healthcare Monitoring, TWC develops and tests healthcare it services in partnership with key healthcare stakeholders like the clinic.

"To truly transform the healthcare system of today and prepare us for the healthcare needs of tomorrow, we have to rethink how, and where, we deliver care to patients. We know that great care can be delivered where patients want to be most: in their homes, and we see telemedicine as a way to help us do that better and more efficiently," said Dr. Eiran Gorodeski, director of the Center for Connected Care at the clinic, in a statement