DSL Growth Outpaces Cable


DSL subscriber growth from telephone companies continues to outpaces new cable modem subscribers from Comcast, Time Warner Cable and other cable distributors, according to a report from Leichtman Research Group.

LRG found that the top DSL providers added 1.16 million subscribers during the second quarter, compared to 918,427 from cable distributors.

The top performing telephone subscribers in the quarter were Verizon (440,000 new DSL customers); AT&T (342,000); BellSouth (128,000); and Qwest (120,000).

Comcast led all cable MSOs with high-speed customer growth during the second quarter, signing 305,000 new customers. It was followed by Time Warner Cable (230,000); Cablevision Systems (84,819); Charter Communications (52,700); Adelphia (48,005); Insight Communications (19,700); Mediacom Communications (12,000); Cable One (8,203); and RCN (8,000).